Toyota wants to help the blind

When we hear the name Toyota, we come to think of solid cars. Automotive is not the only business of the Japanese concern, as it still has many departments dealing with completely different tasks. One of them specializes in modern technologies and has just introduced the latest idea that can improve the lives of the blind.

Project BLAID, the so-called Toyota concept, aims to make life easier for blind people and enable them to move around independently. This is a worn device that assists such person, filling the gap between the guide dog and additional GPS device.

All you have to do is put the device on your shoulder. With built-in cameras, the device can observe the surroundings and process information collected by turning them into navigational aids, which will be guided by the user’s voice, voice or vibration. The system can be very useful in an unfamiliar environment such as a shop or office, greatly facilitating the use of elevators or toilets.

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