The new ipad is not compatible with 4G in Australia

The new iPad offers 4G connectivity. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the 1800MHz frequency that is in force in Australia. Despite this, Apple has clearly advertised this feature on the local market.

The Cupertino company will now have to explain to the Australian court why the New iPad advertised clearly that consumers will be able to enjoy high-speed data communications over the fourth-generation network, although the device is not compatible with 1800MHz, which is valid for 4G communications on The country with Kangurami.

The Australians decided to react and the federal court received a request from the Consumer Protection and Compliance Office, alleging that Apple had misled customers and should pay the penalty and compensate the deceived customers.

Apple has announced that all dissatisfied customers in Australia will be able to return New iPads and the money will be returned to them. We doubt that anyone will benefit from this right.

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