Premiere ipad 3 for 3

DigiTimes claims that the launch of iPad 3, another hit of one of the most popular tablets in the market, will take place in three or four months.

Recently, the media seems to have come to a close on the iPad 3, and they do not provide the approximate date of its release. However, we always have reliable DigiTimes, which claims that the launch of the latest tablet is approaching big steps and the device will hit the market in three to four months maximum.

DigiTimes, in its projections, cites its own sources similar to Apple’s supply chain, which claims that iPad 2 production is slowing down and that in the coming months it should start manufacturing components for the iPad 3. Apparently early next year, the factory will start full steam.

The new iPad is expected to be seriously redesigned and equipped with a 9.7-inch Retina Display, offering a high resolution of the projected image. These changes may, however, entail an increase in price, which would thus cover the installation of a much more expensive screen.

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