France forbids Facebook from tracking Internet users

Facebook is very active today, but the portal is not limited to its own users. He trains literally all with the social plugins on the site. This practice does not appeal to French organizations that consider this to be a privacy violation and have just ordered the portal to stop doing so.

In the network are circulating opinions suggesting that Facebook is an ideal tool for surveillance of Internet users. This is not a theory far from the truth, as it can be said that the largest social network of the world really follows all Internet users with the so-called. cookies. Thanks to them they get a lot of information about us, by collecting data about the visited pages.

It would be understandable if action was limited to portal users, but it is not. All internet users are tracked through social plugins placed on the pages. Even if we do not have a Facebook account, then after visiting the site with such a plug-in, cookies are depositing on our disk and begin to collect information.

This operation of the portal does not appeal to the French privacy organization CNIL, which has ordered it to stop tracking non-users. Otherwise serious financial penalties will be imposed on him. The CNIL representatives argue that the data of European Internet users are then sent to the US, which is incompatible with the EU legal regulations. So they give the portal three months to comply.

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