Disk to Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is one of the most interesting inventions of recent years, offering a wealth of possibilities in its applications. Now they will be even bigger, because Western Digital has unveiled the WD PiDrive, a hard drive designed specifically for this small computer.

Raspberry Pi is a computer with a priority of miniaturization, versatility and low price, so it is a primary data medium to serve SD card.

Now, with Western Digital, Raspberry Pi users have been given the opportunity to purchase a dedicated WD PiDrive hard drive. The drive has a non-accidental capacity of 314 GB and is based on a 500 GB personal computer. The company, however, has not limited itself to reducing its capacity, and has modified it to work properly with this microcomputer.

The most important modification is to limit the energy required for proper disk operation. Considering how little energy is consumed by Raspberry Pi, this is a very good idea, and the manufacturer also asserts that lower consumption does not negatively affect propulsion.

Especially for this disk has been a modified version of BerryBoot bootloader, which allows users to install various operating systems and applications on it. Then at every Raspberry Pi startup, from the on-screen menu, we can choose which of your systems we want to run this time.

WD PiDrive in the manufacturer’s official store ($ 45.81) with full hardware. If you are hurrying, then it is currently available at a promotional price of $ 31.42.

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