DDR4 memory already sold in Japanese shop

Although the latest Intel X99 chipset supporting DDR4 memory will not be available before September this year, memory chips are already available. The bones produced by SanMax are sold by a Japanese trader.

Technological advances in the field of personal computers are so fast that we can soon expect another evolution, this time on RAM. Soon, our PCs will appear on the latest DDR4 memory chips, and the first platform to support them is the Intel X99 chipset.

It is true that the stores will not be available until the fall of the year, but the memory itself can be bought right now. SanMax systems have just appeared in one of the Japanese computer stores and are available in 16 and 32 GB, priced at $ 350 and $ 685, respectively.

The price is very shocking, but of course it must be taken into consideration that it is affected by the fact that DDR4 systems are only coming to market. In a few months when mass production will start and demand grows, the price should drop to a more decent level.

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