Dangerous apps in the Google Play store still endanger Android users

The verification process of the applications before they reach the official store is to ensure their compliance with accepted standards and security. Unfortunately, the system does not always work, as demonstrated by 190 applications infected with the Android virus.Click.95, which they recently detected in Google Play analysts with Doctor Web.

Android.Click.95 is a virus that is hidden in simple apps that are then distributed using the official Google Play store on devices supported by Android. Most often, they are entertainment programs, such as guides, horoscopes, sleepers, jokes, trivia, and information.

The last two days, nearly two hundred applications of stingray virus were added from just six developer accounts (allnidiv, malnu3a, mulache, lohari, kisjhka, polkaPola). users.

Android.Click.95 after installation will wait six hours (hide the source of the attack) and then check the device for specific software. Then comes a specially prepared web page, which encourages the user to download and install a fake application (such as a safer browser or a solution to a supposedly malfunctioning battery). If the user closes this offer, the new one will appear every two minutes, effectively disrupting the use of the device.

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