Blocking ads on IOS causes problems with online purchases

Apple has recently released a feature-rich content locking feature in Safari that enables application developers to create plug-ins that block cookies, images, pop-ups, and other content. In general, the system was created to get rid of ads, but can cause problems with online shopping.

Ad blocking apps quickly reached the top of the App Store’s top-selling apps, significantly speeding up page loading and reducing the amount of data they download. However, they must be considered with their use, as some of them may also block the possibility of online shopping. This is what happens with the Crystal app, which has turned out to be impossible to buy at Sears online stores and Walkmart, but such stores may be more.

The tests carried out by many service journalists show that most sites will work properly, but some may experience occasional problems.

Fortunately, some applications have broader functionality than others, allowing the user to create a list of sites whose blocking features are disabled.

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