Android Aiko Chihira knows sign language

The era of robots that look like people and performs similar duties is getting closer and closer. At the CEATEC Japanese trade fair, Toshiba presented a new Android based on sign language. The machine is called Aiko Chihira and looks extremely realistic, but at the same time it is extremely functional.

Already in a few years entering a company, we will not be greeted by a live answering machine, but a mechanical android that will provide all the information you need, and by the way, you will also communicate with us in sign language. Such a scenario is not too far away, especially if you look at the technologies presented at this year’s CEATEC fair held in Tokyo.

At the Toshiba booth, you could see the latest android Aiko Chihira, designed primarily for sign language communication. The machine is a prototype so far, so its movements are not as fluid and precise as human, but it is very realistic and its skin looks real.

The machine can function thanks to special algorithms that coordinate all 43 engines in its joints so that it can speak in sign language. Toshiba claims that soon Android will also be equipped with speech recognition technology and the ability to communicate with voice.

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