Blackmagic Web Presenter Makes It Easy To Use Any Camera For Live Webcasting

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New technology will improve battery safety?

More and more devices are working with batteries, but currently produced batteries are unreliable and unreliable technologies that are no longer able to keep pace with ever-increasing market demands. Toyota engineers have developed a completely new battery technology that is not only safer, but also more powerful.

Most modern lithium batteries use lithium but are far from ideal because they are dangerous and unstable, which often leads to the explosion of the battery. Manufacturers are striving to use graphite, which makes the battery become less explosive, but at the same time it limits its full potential.

Scientists have been trying to replace magnesium for some time, which would increase the efficiency of such batteries and increase their stability. The problem, however, is the electrolyte, because there are very few electrolyte materials that can be used to work with magnesium.

Perhaps, however, there is a solution to this problem, as a team of Toyota engineers working under Rany Mohtadi has recently examined the materials used to make hydrogen tanks for fuel cell vehicles and came to the conclusion that the same technology could be used for magnesium batteries.…