DJI has created new cameras for their drones

The Chinese company DJI, the leader in unmanned production, responded to GoPro’s plans to release its own dron and announced two brand new cameras for the flagship Inspire 1. The Zenmuse X5 and X5R are the first drones equipped with Micro 4/3 sensors.

Annoyances are becoming more and more popular every year, and are especially used to record movies and take pictures from the air. Their manufacturers are supplying increasingly modern equipment, offering even better quality material.

The Chinese company DJI, one of the world’s largest dron manufacturers, has just announced two brand new cameras for its Inspire 1 flagship, the Zenmuse X5 and the X5R. These are the first cameras built for flying devices that have been equipped with the latest Micro 4/3 sensors.

Each of them can take pictures at 16 megapixels and record video at 4K / 30 fps. In addition, the X5R, which also records lossless 4K CinemaDNG format, can record it on a microSD memory card or on a 512 GB SSD. It also has four removable focal length lenses of 12 to 17 mm, while the remote control while the dron is in the air also has the ability to adjust the shutter and focus.

While other drones can also carry professional camcorders, their capabilities are far less powerful than the Inspire 1, which has significantly more flight modes and more advanced controls. The user of this machine has complete control over the camera, which makes it much easier to work with.…

Samsung doubles the battery capacity using graphene

Increasingly efficient smartphones require better power, which would allow them to work at least for a full day without charging. Samsung engineers have developed a new lithium battery technology, using graphene, which doubles their capacity.

The modern smartphone is a practically pocketable PC that is very similar to what is offered by a home PC. Unlike the computer on our desk, it is not powered by electricity, but a battery that must be large enough to last for hours. Unfortunately, this is not the case and the batteries installed in modern smartphones are not capable of meeting high energy demands, so they need to be recharged during the day.

Perhaps we will soon be doing it a little bit less, because Samsung Electronics engineers have developed a new technology to produce battery cathodes using graphene, which should double the capacity of such a battery. The company has created a new coating that significantly increases cathode performance and slightly reduces the capacity of the cathode.

The use of graphene has increased their capacity by up to 1.8 times compared to standard lithium-ion batteries. It is also important that the process has no effect on the battery life, that is, a more capacious battery can be charged, which can be charged as many times as the batteries currently being sold.…

Get Your Game On The Go With The Best Gaming Laptops

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  • Apple iPad Pro made for tablet power users (pictures)
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  • Stethee – Smart Stethoscope
  • GB p/m R1399 30 days x 12

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