Windows XP retirement closer and closer

Launched in 2001, Windows XP, despite a dozen years on the back, is still one of the most popular operating systems on the market, installed on almost 20 percent of all computers. Unfortunately, in a few months, Microsoft will send this system back to retirement.

Windows XP was released in 2001 and was fast commercial success, combining the consumer-driven Windows 98 interface and the stability of Windows NT. He had an excellent web browser and was able to surf the web straight away.

The new OS has quickly become a target for hacker attacks, so in 2004, Microsoft released Windows XP SP2 with a built-in, always-on firewall that virtually ended the era of malicious viruses such as Blaster, Sasser, and Slammer. The system was found on 600 million computers around the world.

Unfortunately, everything good has to end and even though Windows XP still enjoys great popularity, Microsoft will officially end its further support in April next year. Since May, OS will no longer receive security updates, which means that after a few months the windows will become extremely vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Ending support for Windows XP will hurt companies and offices using this system to the fullest extent, they will have to exchange it as soon as possible if they do not want to run into problems and lose data.

Wondering is why Microsoft is ending support for a system that’s still very popular. If you do not know what’s going on, it’s always money. In this way, the group will force consumers to switch to Windows 8, which is still a little popular, and we find it on less than 10 percent of all computers.…

A Good Review On Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

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Android Aiko Chihira knows sign language

The era of robots that look like people and performs similar duties is getting closer and closer. At the CEATEC Japanese trade fair, Toshiba presented a new Android based on sign language. The machine is called Aiko Chihira and looks extremely realistic, but at the same time it is extremely functional.

Already in a few years entering a company, we will not be greeted by a live answering machine, but a mechanical android that will provide all the information you need, and by the way, you will also communicate with us in sign language. Such a scenario is not too far away, especially if you look at the technologies presented at this year’s CEATEC fair held in Tokyo.

At the Toshiba booth, you could see the latest android Aiko Chihira, designed primarily for sign language communication. The machine is a prototype so far, so its movements are not as fluid and precise as human, but it is very realistic and its skin looks real.

The machine can function thanks to special algorithms that coordinate all 43 engines in its joints so that it can speak in sign language. Toshiba claims that soon Android will also be equipped with speech recognition technology and the ability to communicate with voice.…

Sony’s 2GB Digital Camera Speaks Fluent Wi-Fi

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  1. Select your weight loss goals and food preferences
  2. Image Quality: both are excellent for compact pocket cameras
  3. Do you value QUALITY when it comes to images? As in, IMAGE QUALITY
  4. Improved image processor that reduces image noise on high ISOs
  5. Camera with 6x digital zoom
  6. Super CCD HR
  7. Sony CLIE T-600 (IIIx was dead… and the Sony blue looks so cool)

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Galaxy S7 tested with the latest version of Snapdragon 820

Qualcomm has announced that it has sent samples of the latest Snapdragon 820 processor 3 to Samsung.X. South Korean company, in parallel with the Exynos M1, plans to test it in the next generation flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7, which it has been working on for some time.

The Galaxy S6 was expected to improve Samsung’s smartphone sales, but it turned out the product was not as popular as it had been. The company is working on the successor to the Galaxy S7, which, according to media reports, is testing both the Snapdragon 820 processor and the Exynos M1 chip.

We just learned that Qualcomm sent Samsung samples of the latest version of Snapdragon 820 3.X, over which the company’s engineers spend some time, focusing on optimizing his work. The latest system delivered to the Korean giant has four Kyro cores, a powerful Adreno 530 graphics unit, and is manufactured in a 14nm FinFET manufacturing process.…